Spine and Nervous System Scanning



We NEVER guess when it comes to your health! We use a state of the art, research grade technology to scan the spine and nervous system. This scanning system allows us to see the thermal changes, muscle tension, energy expenditure, and overall function and adaptability of the nervous system. This gives you objective information about how your body is truly FUNCTIONING versus only basing your health off of how you feel. Waiting until you have pain to start taking care of your health is being reactive. We teach the importance of being proactive with your health!

Thermal Scanner – The thermal scanners measures the temperature along the spine. This gives us insight into where there may be misalignments, irritated nerve endings, inflammation and ultimately decreased organ and muscle function at those levels.thermal_scan

sEMG Scanner – The sEMG scanner measures the muscle tension and energy being used by the spinal muscles. Most people are using far too much energy to maintain they posture because of having poor posture that makes their muscles overwork. We don’t want to be wasting energy. This gives us insight into the specific levels that need worked on to release tension and preserve energy for other important body functions.semg

NeuroPulse Scanner – The NeuroPulse scanner uses heart rate variability to get a deeper look into how the nervous system is functioning. For proper function of the nervous system we need to have adaptability and a high energy reserve. Adaptability allows us to switch back and forth between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic. Energy reserve allows us to have that extra energy to be able to react to stressors in our everyday life. Making sure that the nervous system is functioning at is greatest ability is so important for overall health.


CoreScore – All 3 of the above scans have individual scores from 0-100 to give you an objective idea of how well each system is functioning. Those 3 scores are then averaged together to give what we call a CoreScore. This CoreScore gives us a valuable tool to allow the patient to understand their scans better and to allow us to track progress and give insight into what the best treatment plan is for the patient throughout the phases of their care!


What is your CoreScore? Call today to schedule and appointment to find out!

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