Spinal Hygiene


We are in a silent epidemic right now. Everyone has deteriorating, degenerating spines, from poor posture, electronics, poor diet, sedentary lifestyles, increased computer and desk jobs and decreased movement and exercising. It is imperative that WE take control of this issue and do something about it NOW to change the spinal health of ourselves and our families!

How many of you have said or heard someone say “I don’t have any pain so I don’t need to get adjusted?” Or “I will go get adjusted when the pain comes back”.

Now, how many people have you heard say “I don’t have any cavities so I don’t need to brush my teeth”. Or “Once I get a cavity then I will start brushing my teeth”. Sounds crazy right?

Spinal hygiene and dental hygiene are so much alike. I would even say spinal hygiene is more important than dental hygiene. The spine houses your entire nervous system. Your entire ability to function is determined by a healthy functioning spine. Don’t wait until it starts to break down to take care of it.

A study by the Chicago Institute of Neuro Surgery shows that 85% of people who are 50 years old have spinal degeneration!

Another study by the American Journal of Neuro Radiology showed that 37% of 20 year olds have spinal degeneration! 20!!!!

Don’t become a statistic. Take care of yourself now!

We teach and educate our patients about good spinal hygiene practices in order to help them maintain a healthy spine and enjoy years of health and pain free living.

With our Spinal Hygiene Home Exercise Kits we give the patients the ability to take their health into their own hands and have control of the spine of their health at home. The kit does not replace the importance of getting adjusted regularly, just as brushing your teeth does not replace the need to see dentists for checkups. However, using the exercise kit at home will help you to recover faster, improve the outcomes of chiropractic, and allow you to get yourself and your whole family on board with great spinal hygiene.


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