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Nervous system dysfunction along with disease and illness is caused by 3 stressors of life (The 3 T’s). Trauma(physical stress), Toxins(chemical stress) and Thoughts(emotional stress). At The Chiropractic Edge, we feel that addressing all 3 of these areas is crucial to putting your complete health puzzle together.

Chiropractic Care: The first T (Trauma or physical stress) is covered with spinal adjustments. Through proper spinal adjustments we are able to correct subluxations, increase range of motion, correct the alignment of the spine and allow the nervous system to be more adaptable to stress and better able to function. Our spinal molding kits allow you to keep that progress going at home in between visits.

Remedy Testing: The second T (Toxins or chemical stress) is covered by the bioenergetic testing we offer. We come in contact with toxins daily from environmental to the foods we eat. This has a major impact on our mind, bodies and energetic health. Remedy testing uncovers the missing pieces so we can detox properly and improve our health and wellbeing!

Remedy Testing: The third T (Thoughts or emotional stress) is more of a broad topic. Thoughts and emotions play a big part in how our body functions and heals. Without a healthy relationship between our mind and body we lack the communication needed to thrive. Remedy testing can determine resonating emotional imbalances and factors revolving around them. The scan bioenergetically tests for emotions and chakras and imbalances associated with past traumas providing you more insight into your health, along with the tools to improve.

Action: Having all the knowledge in the world about health and healing means nothing if you don’t put it into action. We are here to equip you with the steps to take to heal. We will be here to support you along every step of the journey. Now it’s up to you to make the commitment to yourself and your health by taking that first step!

What is Remedy Testing?

Unfortunately, more than 30% of humans will develop some form of illness or disease. If we can focus more on healthy ways to combat stress we can significantly impact that number. We have the ability to change our future health. It is up to us to take action and do that. Remedy testing plays a major role in that!

The cells in our bodies store an immense amount of information. Just about everything we come into contact with is stored within the cells in our body, including toxins, emotions, stressors and past traumas. These factors can affect our quality of life and energetic pathways. The good news is we can access the biological information stored in our bodies through hair samples, which is what Remedy Testing does.

Our thoughts and unconscious beliefs have the ability to be immune boosting or immune suppressing depending on how our body perceives those thoughts.

Remedy Testing helps you uncover those unconscious stressors and thoughts that you don’t even realize are causing problems!

Included in the report:

FULL SCAN ONLY: Food and Environmental Sensitivities, Hormonal Imbalances, Nutrient Deficiencies, Toxins, Emotional Blockages, Chakras, Level of Consciousness and Organ Function.

Customized Remedy plan of herbal tinctures, homeopathic tinctures and supplements based on your specific results. BioEnergetic testing is used to test every remedy with your hair sample so you get the remedy plan that resonates best with YOUR body!

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