Holographic Manipulation Therapy

Who is HMT for?

HMT therapy is for anyone that continues to experience pain, frustration, a feeling of being stuck, illness, continue sabotaging habits that prevent them from their full happiness and success in life.  Anyone that has experienced trauma and are still experiencing the aftermath. 

Perhaps you have tried everything from Natural to conventional approach of care and maybe it got better for a short amount of time, but it still returned or worse, did nothing at all.  That can be frustrating.  

The solutions involve the following areas of education…..

  • understanding why the brain is easily tricked into sabotaging cycles
  • discovering the root emotions and trauma that started it all
  • reprogramming the neurology to accept a new program and pattern
  • reviewing your in-depth questionnaire that will reveal where you’re actively sabotaging in your own life
  • customizing a personal action plan for yourself regarding what you need to do in order to overcome your traumas and emotional programs. 

This option for overcoming trauma is highly effective at……..

  • helping you lose weight
  • helping you to build better relationships with your loved ones and the people around you
  • helping you increase your health and decrease your disease state
  • helping you feel inspired, empowered and ready for change
  • helping you overcome addiction
  • helping you to become more confident, outgoing, happy and satisfied in your life
  • helping you get your finances together
  • helping you start that business you’ve always wanted to start
  • helping you walk freely into a better way of living  
  • helping you take effective action on your dreams
  • helping you overcome phobias

Rapid Change

Generate significant change in even complex issues in a short period of time.


HMT delivers significant results and freedom from physical, emotional, and psychological issues.

Peace of Mind

HMT uses safe, proven, and powerful techniques.

Dr. Russell is still in the process of becoming a certified HMT therapist. Part of her certification requires a specific number of sessions to be performed. Some sessions may need to be recorded for this purpose. The price listed for the session reflects a discount due to the fact that she is still in that certification process and your agreement to allowing your session to be recorded if needed. Any sessions recorded will only be shared with the course instructors and no one else.

Are you ready to book a session? Follow the link below!

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