Roadmap to WEllness Scans


In Chiropractic, nervous system dysfunction is described as being caused by 3 aspects of life (The 3 T’s). The 3 T’s are Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts. At The Chiropractic Edge, we feel that addressing all 3 of these areas is the key to putting your complete health puzzle together.
No more missing puzzle pieces starts now! Let us help you build your health back one piece at a time!

puzzle pieces

Chiropractic Care: The first T (Trauma) is covered with spinal adjustments. Through proper spinal adjustments we are able to correct misalignments, increase range of motion, correct the alignment of the spine and allow the nervous system to be more adaptable to stress and better able to function.

Roadmap to Wellness Testing: The second T (Toxins) is covered by the nutritional testing we offer. There are many testing kit options to give you the information you need to improve your health. Ask us about which test is best for your needs! 

RTW Awareness Scan: The third T (Thoughts) is more of a broad topic. Thoughts and emotions play a big part in how our body functions and heals. Without a healthy relationship between our mind and body we lack the communication needed to thrive. The awareness scan can determine resonating emotional imbalances and factors revolving them. The Awareness Scan bioenergetically tests for emotions, colors, gems, essential oils, key nutrients, and polychrests, providing a customized infused remedy to purchase to address these imbalances.

Spinal Hygiene: Spinal Hygiene helps maintain adjustments, range of motion and overall health of the spine and  nervous system. Our spinal hygiene kits make that easy! Just like you brush your teeth to maintain proper dental hygiene, these exercises help maintain proper spinal hygiene.

What will your report tell you?

Food and Environmental Sensitivities, Hormonal Imbalances, Nutrient Deficiencies, Major Body System Stressors, Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Parasites, Emotional Blockages.

Customized Remedy plan of herbal tinctures, homeopathic tinctures and supplements based on your specific results. BioEnergetic testing is used to test every remedy with your hair and saliva so you get the best remedy plan that resonates best with YOUR body!

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